Plot points

The Casino heist

  • The players managed to steal the music box for mr. Hat.
  • Althidon’s son, Aubron survived unharmed.
  • Nobody saw the players actually rob the casino.
  • Alex was electrocuted by Aubron.

The Project X-52 heist

  • The captain in charge of transporting the tank got half his face badly burned by Andrew Ryans.
  • The players were seen by 9 US soldiers and the captain.
  • The players delivered the tank to Alfonzo McDouglas, but they had it explode later.
  • The players got payed by the KGB agent Nikolaj Broskovich.
  • The bikers are aware of where the players hideout is

Car chase in the mexican jungle

  • The players moved to Albequerque, New Mexico to escape the law.
  • They met with “Spider” in the University of New Mexico

Plot points

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