The Last day

The Last day is a myth about why the greek gods stopped interfering in the lives of mortals as they always had.

It happened at the end of the 4th century.

The gods all knew it, they could feel it. Olympus would fall. The remaining question was how. A great meet was had to find out who would bring ahead the destruction. The gods, being fickle creatures, started arguing and accusing eachother. The meet was unsuccessful and the gods let their doubts fester into paranoia.

It was Artemis who drew first blood which started the Last day. She had come to the conclusion that only Ares was capable of such destruction. So she took matters into her own hands and killed the god of war. As Ares godly form was destroyed, all his hatred and love of conflict seethed into the world and poisoned every living creature in existence. Even the land itself felt the influence of his death. Fire burst forth from the mountains and the sea crashed against the land while mortal armies fought and mighty beasts emerged from their lairs. Not even the gods themselves were immune to Ares’ deathcurse. The day of bloodshead lasted for an eternity untill all was destroyed.

The world had become a wasteland. The gods were all dead and the dead ceased existing. Before the end, there were three sisters, the sisters of fate. In order to right all wrongs they sacrificed themselves to turn back time before the Last day. With their deaths they also were able to give the gods the memories of their future self.

The gods realised what their meddling would cause, if not today the next day. They made a decision that they would no longer meddle in the affairs of mortals. And the used all their divine power to destroy Olympus and build a new home in the astral plane. There they would recide and never be allowed to walk the arth ever again.

And that is the story of the Last day and why the gods no longer walk among us.

The Last day

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