mr. Big

Half-orc gang leader and owner of the Lucky Ox casino


Carlos Big is a middle-aged half-orc.

He is a tall and muscular man with a black buzzcut. His body is covered in various tattoes.

He is often seen wearing a shirt and vest with suit pants.


Carlos big was born just south of the border in a small village. When he grew up he got involved in a gang and quickly learned that in this world it was survival of the fittest.

Because of unknown reasons Carlos moved to Ironfall in Nevada. Where he purchased a garage. Not long after an MC club was founded in Ironfall, the Heaven’s Devils. An MC club that just so happened to be sponsored by mr. Big.

The garage turned out to be quite profitable and mr. Big bought up other garages in the area. And soon Big’s Autoshop was in every state.

Today mr. Big is a very wealthy man and even owns a casino, the Lucky Ox, in Ironfall.

mr. Big

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